Costella Kirsch


CK - Before.png




Initial Comments

  • Keep original logo and colour palette
  • Brand attributes: nimble, efficient, fast moving, and clean
  • Incorporate a cycling image / motif, possibly with this specific image

Initial Presentation

1 - Cyclist Abstract Light.png

Concept 1

A light design incorporating the original photo, but treated to make it more abstract and just capture movement and the brand colours.

Concept 2

A Mondrian-inspired contemporary design that again uses the original photo (and again, more abstract) and a large CK watermark. 

Concept 3

A full-sized background image with the Costella Kirsch brand superimposed in white, with unlimited options of background images to choose from.

Feedback, Round 1

  • Like the full-bleed background image (concept 3)
  • Would prefer a simpler image (i.e. with fewer riders and more white space)
  • Would like to add tagline to landing / info page

Revisions, Round 1

Feedback, Round 2

  • Like the ‘Ironman’ cyclist
  • Try experimenting with the original photo as full bleed background image

Revisions, Round 2

Final Design