Legacy Capital Partners is a real estate private equity group based in Ohio. They have been extremely successful in unlocking value with their Multifamily and 50Fund investment strategies. We met Legacy while they were in the process of launching Fund IV.


While they are sophisticated managers, Legacy's marketing process and materials weren't effectively conveying their expertise. 


The cornerstone of profit and success is relationships. We analyzed Legacy's current relationship silo and structured a new framework around creating, securing, and maintaining relationships. 

We recommend a lightweight, web-based CRM that you can learn in an afternoon.

No more silos of contacts saved on your staff's hard drives. A centralized location where you can always access the most recent information about your investors, potential investors, and deals. It's connectivity to other applications is seamless.


Does anyone read your quarterly reports? We recommend an email marketing platform that gives you insight into who is actually paying attention to your communications. This allows you to tailor your messages and prioritize your calls more effectively.

Data from your email campaigns automatically integrates with your CRM system. We design clean email templates to convey a polished, professional image to your contacts.

The best CRM is the one that gets used.
— Kyle Dunn

Logo Re-Design

We are big believers in minimalism. Done properly, it can be clean, straightforward, professional and elegant. 

Too often people get caught up on the icon or the colors. In most cases, the logo will probably be displayed in grayscale and icons when resized can look distorted or messy. We say: keep it clean, keep it simple, keep it classic and that is exactly what we recommended for Legacy.

Concepts Presented:


Final Logo:





A website says a lot about a brand. It speaks to their professionalism, their understanding of current trends, and even their organization. A clean site that is easily navigable with minimal language acts like a marketing deck - it is supposed to generate conversations with potential investors.

Plus, it's where most people will do part of their research on a company. 



In addition to the aesthetic upgrade, the new site is responsive, mobile-friendly and easy to update.


What do you do with years and years of contacts? How do you continue to engage them or let them know about changes in the company, new ventures, potential partnerships? The best way to leverage your contact database, spark conversation, and understand who is interested in your material, and if it is even interesting at all, is through email marketing.

Keep It Simple, Keep It Minimal

No one wants to read a long rambling email that is jumbled with text and images and looks straight from the early 2000s.

We designed a clean, professional-looking email to spread the word about Fund IV as well as narratives regarding market trends. We urged Legacy to be seen as a leader in the industry; establish their expertise. What better way to do that than a collection of personalized insights?

Instead of a conventional marketing deck, potential investors watched a short, compelling video about the fund.

Screen Shot 2014-03-11 at 4.14.38 PM.png
Screen Shot 2014-03-11 at 4.36.20 PM.png

Exposure across the US

A lot of companies neglect to hire a PR firm writing it off as an easy way to spend money and not see any results. We believe this is a big mistake.